The Conservative Kitchen Table: Gay And Christian?

Occasionally, I run into a good blog article that I just highlight.  These are very good thoughts from a conservative Christian writer that I really appreciate.  Read the entire post if you have a chance.  Here is part of the post…

I generally find myself in agreement with the Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was founded. I’d be happy with a monument of The Ten Commandments displayed prominently in every school and courthouse. I believe that life begins at conception. On things such as these, I guess you could say that I’m fairly socially conservative.

But not on this. Scroll down the page for the results of the poll, which asks “Is it possible to be both a committed Christian and a practicing homosexual?” 78% of respondents answered negatively.

My understanding of Christianity is that it accepts all people. I do not believe that a person can choose their sexual orientation any more than they can choose their skin color. I’m saddened and disappointed by the results of this poll, even taking into account that it’s not a scientific sampling.

via The Conservative Kitchen Table: Gay And Christian?.


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