Regarding Starbucks: Thank You John Shore!

Thank you John Shore for articulating what so many of us have observed.  It is precisely these kinds of veiled threats and scare tactics that held me in the closet for so long.  There was a constant condemning undercurrent of all things gay that became an undertow so powerful that nearly carried me out to sea with it’s pull.  This is the same thing… repacked and shipped overseas to countries that are looking for another reason to hate people different than them.  For those that might stumble on my new blog, here is a teaser.  Read the whole story over at John’s website.  Follow the link below.

Please note: This is a satirical “letter from Satan” to Maggie of NOM.  It is a bit like CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters)

The main thing to remember about our Dump Starbucks campaign is its solid potential for wreaking the kind of havoc that puts blood on the streets: that gets people viciously persecuting others—beating others with sticks; pummeling them with rocks; shooting them with guns, rifles, and pistols; stabbing them; running them over with automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and buses; hanging them; torturing them; raping them ( 🙂 !! oh, be still my heart!)

And how can Dump Starbucks produce all this wonderfulness? By fomenting anti-gay sentiment in all those countries where Starbucks does business that aren’t anywhere near as “accepting” as, alas, America is too rapidly becoming.

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