NOMs Attempt at Addition By Division

It is so sad to see a group of people — many of whom claim allegiance to the Christian faith — devote all their time and energy fighting against the freedom to marry.  What’s worse is that I think this is simply an excuse they use to attack and bully the homosexual community.  I’m a Christian.  Not all Christians are like this.  Goodness, not all those who would call themselves conservative Christians are like this.  It is shameful behavior in my mind… devoid of any characteristic of Christ-like behavior.  It seems that NOM, led by Brian Brown and Maggie Gallahger, have sought out a new strategy to add people to their crusade.  They want to add people by fanning the flames (pun intended) between the LGTBQ community and the black community.  Since they don’t like wearing the word bigot, they attempt to dilute its power by having others apply it to their enemies.  Ugh.  Really?

Here are a few articles that I think highlight the utter hypocrisy that is on display for the world to see…

NOM Lets Other Do Their Dirty Work

Court Documents Prove NOM Plan to Divide Gay, Black Communities

NOM Strategy Condemned

My foot has been firmly planted in both groups.  I have seen hateful words come from both sides.  However, I must say that I understand the reaction and response of the homosexual community.  They have been marginalized, ostracized and demonized for a LONG time by those claiming to by Christian.  What I don’t understand is the Christian community that is supposed to follow after Christ showing absolutely NO display of love in their words or actions.  SMH


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