Blown Away by Buckhead Church

I will be writing more about this tomorrow.  Right now I’m still absolutely stunned by the message I just heard at Buckhead Church this evening.  Buckhead is a member church of Northpoint Church where Andy Stanley is the pastor.  Let’s just say that this was the right message at the right time in the right place for me.  Go to the website and look for the sermon from the Christian series from 4/15.  It was not just a small step for gay people it was a warp-speed light-year jump.  Wow, just wow.


6 responses to “Blown Away by Buckhead Church

  1. In case you’re not aware … Andy is not God. Homosexuality is still amoral sexual behavior, a sin as outlined by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corithians 6:9 and 1 Romans 23-26.

    Confessing your sin also means actively changing your sinful behavior … not just saying “Sorry” and going right back to sinning.

  2. Andy’s not God? Really? Let me make note of that… “Joe says Andy is not God.” He may not be God, but he walks as one who loves God and loves Christ. He navigated a line of tension that I’ve seldom seen attempted in the church and I left very encouraged. Also, if you are going to proof-text two passages, I can justify slavery, polygamy and the silence of women as well. You ought to listen to the message Joe, it would do you some good.

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