People of LGBT-BJU — Who We Are (Jonathan Nichols) Part One

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Alumni of Bob Jones University

Ed. note:Bob Jones University’s reach extends far beyond the two hundred acre campus it inhabits in Greenville, South Carolina. Throughout the United States and around the world, Bob Jones University’s influence is strongly felt, particularly within the independent fundamental baptist (IFB) movement, which includes many Christian schools that funnel students to BJU and other IFB-affiliated colleges.  Today, we present the first part of a tale by a courageous young man who came to us shortly after his whole world fell apart while attending summer music camp at Bob Jones University. Expelled from his Christian high school just a few weeks before graduation because he confided to a friend that he thought he might be gay, meet

Jonathan Nichols (formerly BJU class of 2015), Part One

My story is going to be slightly different than the others featured on this blog because I actually never attended Bob Jones University

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