Next Steps Are Hard


Next steps are never easy. I’ve have quite a few over the past year to say the least. I’m just grateful to feel emotionally whole and comfortable with myself. Even in the midst of the roller coaster of coming out, I haven’t faced depression or anxiety like I did before.

I’ve been attending the same church as my parents since moving back to the area. I did this because it allowed some sense of stability for my kids. It was similar in style and ministry to the church we were members at and my mom agreed to take them if I was unable.

However, some things have happened in the last month that have shown me how incompatible I am there. I refuse to subject myself or my kids to the same kind of passive-aggressive church environment I grew up in. THAT is the primary reason I attempted to hide my closet from even myself.

Buckhead was a message from God to me. I won’t give up my faith… and there are places where I can feel comfortable growing in both my relationship with God, and my own skin. Pray for me as I take these steps over the next few weeks.


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