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NC Amendment One Truth

Many people are planning to vote for Amendment One because they want to vote “for marriage”.

In fact, the campaign by the supporters of Amendment One have made it clear that this vote is about marriage.  This is evidenced in their sermons, their press conferences and  their well-crafted yard signs which say  vote “for marriage” on May 8th.

The “marriage” theme is broadened to include the morality play.

The morality play has at least three versions.  One version is the reverent version.  This is the version where the pastor tells the congregants that homosexuality is a choice and that the Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin.  It is the reverent version because the pastor appeals to his flock to pray for the sinners.  The message: homosexuality is wrong and with God’s help, we can change them.  Let’s start with our vote on May 8th.

There is another version of the morality play that also is based in religion, but it is more…

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