What an amazing story, and I relate on so many levels. My prayer is what can I do to help those that are now where we were. How can we get the message of God’s love and acceptance through to them when the shouts of Christians can be so deafening?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Alumni of Bob Jones University

Ed. note: As anyone who has spent any time within the network of Independent Fundamental Baptist/Bible (IFB) churches and colleges knows, Bob Jones University is the largest of an interlocking network of institutions and has for many years played a dominant role within that network through its Gospel Fellowship Association (GFA) mission subsidiary, SoundForth music, BJU Press, The World Congress of Fundamentalists and other, smaller colleges and universities where BJU graduates are faculty and administrators. It is our desire to assist LGBT people from within this larger network to share their stories, as well. If you or someone you know needs support within the larger network of Independent Fundamentalist organizations, we are here to assist you. Today, we introduce a man who is an alumnus of a now-defunct Christian college within the Fundamentalist network.

Joy Paul Schwenke (B.A., Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, 1971; M. Div., Central Baptist Theological Seminary…

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