Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Alumni of Bob Jones University

Ed. note:On Friday, we introduced readers to nineteen-year-old Jonathan Nichols who was expelled from his Christian high school just a few weeks before graduation one year ago simply because he confided to a friend that he thought he might be gay. Today, we present the conclusion of Jonathan’s astonishing story.

Jonathan Nichols (formerly BJU class of 2015), Part Two

I wanted so much to be able to be honest with someone that I was actually in contact with. I hinted to my closest friend that my friendship with Ryan wasn’t just a friendship. She was, naturally for someone in our atmosphere, worried for me. So, despite her promises that she would trust me to do what I felt was right, she went to my youth pastor for help. He promptly told the senior pastor, who is superintendent of the school. The next day, I was called into Pastor…

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