Pastor Sean Harris and Berean Baptist Church offer official “retraction”… kinda.


Lawsy me… the official “not” apology this AM on the “beat the gay away” message has turned into a full “retraction” from Berean Baptist Church… kinda. But Once AGAIN – there is justification, contradiction and obfuscation. People ought to mosey over to the church website and listen to other messages.  I’m guessing there is more stuff like this buried away.


I’m just curious… How can he say that he has “never suggested children of those in the LGBT lifestyle should be beaten, punched, abused (physically or psychologically) in any form or fashion.”  (clear throat) Excuse me Pastor, did I not just hear you dedicate a good portion of your now infamous sermon to just that?  I mean, if THAT message in THAT form wasn’t “psychological abuse” of any gay or lesbian kids in that church, I’m not sure what would be.

No, you are correct, you never said children should be squashed… just that homosexuality should be squashed.  Oh, and I think you added a further descriptor of “like a cockroach” to make your argument crystal clear.  Hmmm…  I wonder what that does psychologically to a kid that might be grappling with their sexuality?  You ONLY advocated they they be punched, cracked and mocked. You ONLY said that their sexuality needs to be stepped on so hard that the insides squirt out.  And you did it all in the name of God.

No, gay marriage isn’t a threat to families Pastor.  YOU ARE.  You are adding to the Gospel.  You are like a Judiazer.  Never apologize for the Gospel — for the immense and immeasurable grace of a God that loves so deeply he would die for the world.  But my goodness, don’t add to it!


As my friend John Shore said to another pastor who found himself letting the words of his heart from freely…  “You dare to eclipse the son of God with the full moon of your own fetid ass. ”  Pastor, your ass is in FULL bloom on this one… BRIGHT and SHINING for the world to see.  Here is a sugesstion:  When you offer an apology or a retraction, please leave it at that.  And don’t give me this mess about bloggers “intentionally framing your words without the context of the entire sermon.”Image

Here is the context… you preached the message on “marriage sunday”.  A deceptive political move by those in NC who are in favor of this amendment. YOU framed your words yourself.  YOU used the pulpit for a political tool to scare members into voting or an amendment designed — not to protect heterosexual marriages — but to inflict damage on the homosexual community.  It is a definitive stomp in the proverbial “squashing of the cockroach” you so eloquently pointed out in your message.

I see now you have an interview to further clarify your not-apology and your retraction…kinda.  I’ll have to go and watch it… but I’m guessing it is more of the same.  Oh… and you’ve received nothing but words of support from the congregation?  Given the fact that they were laughing when you talked about cracking wrists and punching gay kids, that shouldn’t be surprising.


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