Pastor Sean Harris Clarifies what he meant in his “beat the gay away” sermon.

I really just became aware of this, but it speaks for itself.  Listen to the entire sermon and you will get a fantastic picture of what gay kids face growing up  in the church.  While most pastors and congregations are not quite so “bold” in their proclamation against homosexuality, the undercurrent is the same.  The message that gay people receive could not be more clear.  What REALLY gets me is this half-assed, lame excuse for an apology.  While Dan Savage is NOT my favorite commentator, his apology for saying pansy assed and bullshit at least appeared to be sincere.  Pastor Sean Harris should be ashamed.  He took his apology as another opportunity to “punch” the gay community in the face and “crack their wrists”

Important Clarification to Sundays Sermon 4/29/2012Dear Berean Family,By now you may know that my words, from Sunday mornings sermon, about effeminate behavior in children are being completely taken out of context by those in the LGBT community. Nearly every article is misquoting me.Clearly, I would like to have been more careful with exactly what I said, but sometimes I say things without enough clarity. I trust you understood my intent in the context of my total preaching ministry. If you did not, I would be more than happy to meet with you privately to provide clarity. Just reply to this email. I provided clarity to the Fayetteville Observer today, but I cannot be sure they will accurately report my words. For the record, I want to ensure everyone that I do NOT believe physical force is capable of fixing effeminate behavior or homosexual behavior. Parents should not punch babies or children. Ultimately only the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to deliver one from sexual immorality and behavior including effeminacy;

via Pastor Seans Blog.


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