The Christian Post attempts to defend Pastor Sean Harris…

Just look at the title of this article…

“LGBT Groups Attack NC Pastor Before Gay Marriage Vote”

I’ve been over the the Christian Post several times because of Amendment One.  I must say that I was really disappointed with what I saw, especially on the message boards.  This title just makes it worse.

I’m just not sure how a Christian publication can defend someone that says these things and then tries to paint those that point it out as extreme.  Just go back and listen to the sermon.  It speaks for itself.  Here is an excerpt from the article…

However, gay advocacy groups are still attempting to paint the influential pastor as a hateful person ahead of the imminent vote to decide the terms of traditional marriage in North Carolina.

There is no “painting” that needs to be done.  He clearly articulates his position and then reinforces it with the pseudo apology and retraction.

via LGBT Groups Attack NC Pastor Before Gay Marriage Vote.


One response to “The Christian Post attempts to defend Pastor Sean Harris…

  1. Exodus Cancels Next ‘Love Won Out’ Conference Due to Lack of Interest

    In conjunction with the growing awareness that ex-gay therapy does not work and that the traditional interpretation of the few passages of Scripture that generally get appealed to in the debate over homosexuality do not hold up to scrutiny when examined more closely and in context, Exodus International has canceled their ex-gay Love Won Out conference scheduled for later this month “due to the low number of registrations.” Though attendance has been steadily declining at these events over the past couple of years, this is the first time Exodus has canceled one of its Love Won Out conferences. This represents only the latest blow in what seems to be the unraveling of the oldest and largest umbrella organization for ex-gay ministries.

    -Alex Haiken

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