Great Post from Scot McKnight – Andy Stanley, Right and Good

I have so much to do today.  I can’t take a ton of time out to watch as the furor over Andy Stanley continues to grow.  However, I did browse a bit and was pleasantly surprised to come across one of God’s gentle prophets.  Scot McKnight always has  thoughtful posts, and this one ranks up there.  Enjoy.


Andy Stanley, Right and Good

May 7, 2012 By scotmcknight 45 Comments

There was a dustup late last week stirred up by Al Mohler, who accused Andy Stanley for soft-pedaling when it came to homosexuality, and then Mohler ramped up the rhetoric by wondering if megachurches were the new liberalism. Denny Burk chirped up some support for Mohler. Then Rick Warren got into the act and told Mohler he was libeling thousands of megachurch pastors in his comment about liberalism.

continue reading… Andy Stanley, Right and Good.


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