10 Things 2 B Thankful 4

I’m going to resist the urge to write anything other than my TEN things to be thankful this morning.  Here goes…

1.  Life.  As I stepped outside this morning and inhaled the uncharacteristically crisp, fall-like air, it reminded me of the beauty and wonder of life.

2. Kids. My kids are so amazing.  Watching them grow and develop continues to be such a joy.

3. Old Friends.  The coming out process has shown me who my true friends were.  Friends are friends through thick and thin.

4. New Friends.  One of the most amazing things the move to Atlanta has done is show me my old personality didn’t die — it just went dorment for a while.  I have really enjoyed meeting and developing friendships with some GREAT people.

5. Challenges.  Challenges force growth.  While this growth isn’t always pleasant, it is always a necessity to keep moving forward.

6. Renewed Focus.  I remember in late 2010 teaching a middle school class a church and having a hard time remembering what I had spent hours preparing.  My mind is clear and focused again.

7. Pain.  Yes, I am thankful for the pain that brought me to the place of accepting that I am a gay man.

8. Purpose.  While it isn’t “laser-like” in focus yet, I know part of my purpose is to help other guys like me avoid having to live in years of repression and fear.

9. Jesus.  I probably should have had this one first, but I’ll leave it where it came up.  I know that if what I beleived all my life is true — if the messages I preached to others about Christ is true — then he has not and will not let me go.  His love is greater and stronger than I can imagine.  I am beginning to internalize that Christian Fundamentalists don’t own him, and that feels GOOD.

10. Intellect.  It is so nice to be able to question again.  I lived for some many years in fear of asking the tough questions because of the answers that those tough questions might produce.


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