Time for an update…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

It’s been too long since I last posted.  It is going on two years since I came out and so much has happened.  There has been so much progress, and yet there is still a long way to go.  I think I’ve realized that I’m not as “out” as I thought I was.  Honestly, I’m not even sure I understand what that means.

I think what led me to come out is the thing that is going to take me to the next part of this journey.  I guess this is the next “twist”.  Coming out was an act of becoming whole for me.  It was a necessary step of honesty with myself and those I love.  While much of that has been done, I still live in the shadows with many of my family and friends.  Not in the shadow of being closeted, but in the shadow of still worrying about what they think… how they will react.

I’m not sure how to put this in a concise post.  It will probably come in several posts over the next week.  It is time for the next steps in this thousand mile journey.



One response to “Time for an update…

  1. It is easier, then it is more difficult. Some will never understand. Just keep moving. We can’t control what others think. The more folk come to understand that gay is not a “choice”, the more serious the conversations become. And, once we come out, we’re always coming out. Straights never have to. And you can meet the challenge.

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