The Messy Message that Blew Me Away at Buckhead Church

This is the message I mentioned on Sunday by Andy Stanley for Northpoint Church.  The link is just below the summary.  Let’s just say that I’m still in amazement.  The first time I go back to church looking for a place I can connect and THIS is the message I hear! While it doesn’t describe my situation exactly, it comes pretty dang close.  Watch it and come to your own conclusions.

Christian, Part 5

Andy Stanley

The people Jesus loved were messy. The way Jesus loved was messy. He ate with tax collectors and talked with adulterers. His disciples struggled and we still struggle today to understand his extraordinary love. In this message, Andy Stanley unwraps the two ingredients that made Jesus – love revolutionary – the secret of the most irresistible message ever preached.

via North Point TV :: Video Messages.