Update on the Truth4Time Facebook “Secret” Group

Alvin McEwen had an interesting article yesterday on a “secret” Facebook group that apparently existed to cause cyber-issues within the gay online community.  Today he had an update and names some names.

Some members of the religious right are no doubt raising hell amongst themselves about my Truth4Time, yesterday, looking at each other with heightened suspicion.

Like I actually care that these folks are anger. To paraphrase one of my favorite television show characters, their anger only makes the lgbtq community stronger. And I recommend that folks not get discouraged at these groups and the phony facts they attempt to throw out. The gist of the matter is that my post yesterday gave some of these folks a deserved kick where it counts.  And if any of them are reading this post, please be aware that your plans are being watched.

Here are some of the names of people involved…

Peter LaBarbera

Bradlee Dean

Matt Barber

Scott Lively

Jennifer Morse

Maggie Gallagher

Brian Brown

Phyllis Schafly

Head over to Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters to read the whole story.

via Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.


Understanding North Carolina’s Proposed Amendment One | digtriad.com

Excerpt from a great article on Amendment One pin NC…

What if the government told your boss he or she could not provide benefits to your spouse or even your children? You might have a problem with that. While it might sound unbelievable that the government would take away those benefits, some fear that could happen here in North Carolina.

We’re talking about Amendment One. It’s the amendment some call the “gay marriage amendment,” but this amendment is about a whole lot more than marriage. It’s also about benefits and economics.



via Understanding North Carolina’s Proposed Amendment One | digtriad.com.

Changing Attitudes in the GOP

Politico has s a good article on changing attitudes in the GOP on LGTB issues.