Richard Land and Co. Defend Criminalization of Homosexuality – YouTube

This the kinds of stuff that make me craaaaaazzzzzyyyy….

via Religious Right Defends Criminalization of Homosexuality – YouTube.


Dr. Mohler, who exactly holds to an inflexible ideology?

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church.  I have a lot to be thankful for in my experiences as a kid in the youth group, a leader in the college ministries, a youth pastor, a church planter and a worship leader.  I know the SBC and one thing I always struggled with was the lack of flexibility in the attitudes and opinions of the core leadership and constituency.  In Dr. Mohler’s latest article, he dives into the current debate on ministries that practice “reparative therapy” as was highlighted in the practice of Michelle Bachman’s husband.  I nearly choked on my food when I read Dr. Mohler talk about other groups being inflexible.  Really?

Virtually all of the secular professions that deal with sexual orientation are stalwartly opposed to reparative therapy, or to any attempt to change one’s pattern of sexual attraction. Indeed, these groups hold to an inflexible ideology that insists that there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. These groups include, for example, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of Social Workers, among many others.

I’m sorry Dr. Mohler.  I’ve lived and worked in the ranks of the SBC for a large portion of my adult life.  You saying that other groups are inflexible on an issue is most definitely like the pot calling the kettle black.  I sat in Sunday School classes, small groups, church committees, church staffs, and denominational meetings that set the standard on inflexibility when it comes to Christians struggling with sexual identity.  There is NO other option preached by the SBC and many other denominations, so I thank God that there are groups that have an inflexible view that can attempt to balance the ones espoused by Dr. Mohler.

I’m sure I’ll do some posts exploring many of these issues in the future.  I just couldn’t let that comment go without saying something.